Union booth props

What we offer, what we suggest, and frequently asked questions.


Photo Props

Because of hygienic reasons, we do not provide a “prop box” which travels with us to dozens of events.

Party supply stores, Michaels, and even Target can be great places to pick up items if you want to provide additional props.

If you choose to provide masks, wigs, or other props which cover a person’s face or make it difficult to see who the person is in the photo, we suggest choosing just one or two.  It’s not as much fun to look over the photos if you can’t even see your guests’ faces, and when people start having fun with props they often wear them all at the same time! This can feel fun at the moment but often leaves you with photos where you can't tell who the guest is.  

Props which reflect something special about you as a couple are always a big hit.  Example: We had a couple who met while working at the Beijing Olympics.  They provided a stuffed animal panda bear and a few other Chinese items for photo booth props.  Things like this which are unique but fun in the photo booth are a great choice.

Some couples prefer to provide no props, and we have seen thousands of awesome looking photo booth pics of people having a great time without them.  If you don't feel like it fits your wedding, don't feel pressured to have them.  People loved photo booths for decades without them.  We've also been asked to put props out only after a certain time, so that you get photos of your guests without them and then there can be prop filled fun later.  It's your choice, and you will let us know via your event details form.

We provide various props-on-a-stick, which vary depending on availability. There are mustaches, glasses, and signs.  The signs are chalkboard style, minus the messy chalk factor. They are nice and bright & easy to read in the photos.   (Please review your contract if you aren't sure whether or not your package includes props, some do not)

Some of the signs are:

  • Congrats

  • Yay!

  • Kiss me

  • Just Married

  • Thank You

**Sign props can vary in availability, these are the most common ones.