Options for photo design.

You can submit your choice in the pre- event form in your client portal, and we'll begin with the design process from there. The design will be completed 2 weeks prior to your event, sometimes earlier depending on the current wait list.  

Choose from the gallery of pre-designed backgrounds.  Please describe the colors that you would like for us to use and/or send photos so we can color match.  Please note that not all colors and or graphics are able to be customized.

You may submit your request in the pre-event form which you can access through the client portal.

You will need to choose either 3 or 4 photos per photo strip.  Both look great & yes, both are found in vintage photo booth strips.

 * Please note that for Box Booth & Open Style booths, we recommend 3 image photo strips or 4x6 layouts. Event Booths require 3 images per strip.

** If you have booked your photo booth within 30 days of your event, please send in your design request as soon as it's ready.  Thanks!

What if I'm a graphic designer or i want my invitation designer to create my photo strip design?

You got it!

  • For the classic booth, the dimensions are

    • 600x450 pixels for a three image per photo strip

    • 600x225 for a four image photo strip.  

  • For the Event booth, the dimensions are 640x480 & there are 3 images per strip. 

  • The finished graphic can be sent to  

Please use the subject line "Graphic for event // Event Date" to make it easy for us to find & please submit 2 weeks prior to your event for approval & testing.

Please send your design request at least 30 days prior to your event.**  We will look over what you send and let you know if any changes need to be made