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Options for photo design.

You can submit your choice in the pre- event form in your client portal, and we'll begin with the design process from there. The design will be completed 2 weeks prior to your event, sometimes earlier depending on the current wait list.  

Choose from the gallery of pre-designed backgrounds.  Please describe the colors that you would like for us to use and/or send photos so we can color match.  Please note that not all colors and or graphics are able to be customized.

You may submit your request in the pre-event form which you can access through the client portal.



You will need to choose either 3 or 4 photos per photo strip.  Both look great & yes, both are found in vintage photo booth strips.

 * Please note that for Box Booth & Open Style booths, we recommend 3 image photo strips or 4x6 layouts. Event Booths require 3 images per strip.

** If you have booked your photo booth within 30 days of your event, please send in your design request as soon as it's ready.  Thanks!

What if I'm a graphic designer or i want my invitation designer to create my photo strip design?

You got it!

  • For the classic booth, the dimensions are

    • 600x450 pixels for a three image per photo strip

    • 600x225 for a four image photo strip.  

  • For the Event booth, the dimensions are 640x480 & there are 3 images per strip. 

  • The finished graphic can be sent to  

Please use the subject line "Graphic for event // Event Date" to make it easy for us to find & please submit 2 weeks prior to your event for approval & testing.

Please send your design request at least 30 days prior to your event.**  We will look over what you send and let you know if any changes need to be made



Union booth props

What we offer, what we suggest, and frequently asked questions.


Photo Props

Because of hygienic reasons, we do not provide a “prop box” which travels with us to dozens of events.

Party supply stores, Michaels, and even Target can be great places to pick up items if you want to provide additional props.

If you choose to provide masks, wigs, or other props which cover a person’s face or make it difficult to see who the person is in the photo, we suggest choosing just one or two.  It’s not as much fun to look over the photos if you can’t even see your guests’ faces, and when people start having fun with props they often wear them all at the same time! This can feel fun at the moment but often leaves you with photos where you can't tell who the guest is.  

Props which reflect something special about you as a couple are always a big hit.  Example: We had a couple who met while working at the Beijing Olympics.  They provided a stuffed animal panda bear and a few other Chinese items for photo booth props.  Things like this which are unique but fun in the photo booth are a great choice.

Some couples prefer to provide no props, and we have seen thousands of awesome looking photo booth pics of people having a great time without them.  If you don't feel like it fits your wedding, don't feel pressured to have them.  People loved photo booths for decades without them.  We've also been asked to put props out only after a certain time, so that you get photos of your guests without them and then there can be prop filled fun later.  It's your choice, and you will let us know via your event details form.

We provide various props-on-a-stick, which vary depending on availability. There are mustaches, glasses, and signs.  The signs are chalkboard style, minus the messy chalk factor. They are nice and bright & easy to read in the photos.   (Please review your contract if you aren't sure whether or not your package includes props, some do not)

Some of the signs are:

  • Congrats

  • Yay!

  • Kiss me

  • Just Married

  • Thank You

**Sign props can vary in availability, these are the most common ones.




Album Example (1).JPG



On a walk through of your venue, please keep in mind the placement of your photo booth. We see greater use of the photo booth when it’s located where the party is. We do recommend considering space for groups of people waiting in line, volume, and weather. If you are hoping to get a lot of messages in your album, it's best if the photo booth and table is not set up next to a loud speaker. 

Ask your venue contact and/or coordinator where the photo booth is usually placed & what your options are for your particular set up and tables.

If possible, we recommend indoor placement of the photo booth. Southern California can still get chilly at night for most of the year, and women will often be wearing dresses or skirts at special events.  

If you have a coordinator, we will connect with him or her to receive the floor plan and timeline.  If you do not, please either send your floor plan to nathan@unionbooth two weeks before your event.  You can also email or call if you or your coordinator needs help determining where to best place the photo booth.  

Please note: Once the photo booth is set up, the fee to move locations is $125 and must be approved first.  


Please request a table for the album, so that your guests can sign & also so that you can place any props that you may have. A 6ft table with linen to match your reception works very well.

If you cannot secure a table, we can bring a table with black linen (must be requested in advance).

The attendant will use archival sticky tabs to place the photo strip into the album for the guest*, which keeps the album looking nice & does not require that your guests do anything other than write a message for you next to their photo. Your attendant will then assemble the pages into the album at the end of the night, keeping the album protected during the event.  

* If included with your package