Union Booth shall use its best efforts to deliver the Photo Booth to the Customer on the delivery date chosen by the Customer. Our primary shipping service varies by shipping location. All services are “ground” services that take 7-21 business days from coast-to-coast.

Since most of our photo booths are built at the time the order is placed on the date when the photo booth will be shipped can vary from 1-21 days. However, the Customer has the option to choose a faster delivery date at the Customer’s expense.

Delivery Time is dependent on 2 factors:

  1. “Product approval and availability”. Products cannot ship until order has been approved by client. The “Availability” value is an estimate since we depend on other companies to deliver our products. We do our best to ship items out as quickly as possible, but during peak demands product availability and production time can vary, so please contact us if you need a product by a certain date.
  2. The method of delivery – you can choose to expedite shipping by paying additional.  Please contact us for these expedited rates. Additionally, please note that delivery time is also based on “business” days. For example, if you place an order on Sunday, it’s impossible for us to ship an item the same day as all the shippers are closed.

Calculating Cost   

Shipping and packaging costs are calculated by product and will vary according to product weight, dimensions, value, and shipping location.

International Shipping

If you’d like to make a purchase and have it shipped internationally, please send us an email. Be sure to include a list of the products you’d like to purchase, your shipping address, phone number, and the email address to which we should send an invoice.  A member of our Customer Service team will contact you to make all the arrangements.

Non Receipt of Delivery

The company should be notified immediately if goods are not received within seven days of the anticipated date of delivery, otherwise claims may not be recognized.

Online Training

Union Booth shall ship the Photo Booth to the Customer along with the Union Booth’s “quick start guide.”  The Customer may schedule an online training class by calling the Union Booth’s tech support.  If the Customer wishes for Union Booth to install the Photo Booth and provide onsite training, the Customer will be responsible for the extra charge. The fee for online/phone support is $80 per hour (1 hour minimum) and onsite fee is $120 per hour (1 hour minimum) plus travel expenses.

Property Reservation and Surety

To secure payment and performance of all the Customer’s obligations hereunder, the Union Booth hereby retains title to the Photo Booth and all goods as a security interest therein until payment is received in full. Notwithstanding that delivery of the goods may have been made to the buyer before payment, the said goods shall remain the property of the seller and title thereto shall not pass to the buyer until the purchase price for the goods has been paid in full to the seller, provided that their payment of the purchase price is made by cheque, the purchase price shall not be deemed to have been paid until the cheque has been honored by the drawer’s bank.


The Customer agrees that all of the Company’s trademarks, trade names, service marks and other logos and brand features are trademarks and the property of the Company.  Without the Company’s prior written permission, the Customer agrees not to display or use in any manner the Company’s marks.

Return Policy

You have 7 calendar days to return an item from the date received ONLY if there is a defect in the product.

Contact us for approval first.

Only items that have been purchased directly from Mobile Photo Booth, Inc may be considered for returns. Client is obligated to pay the return shipping.

Please ensure that the item you’re returning is repackaged with all the cords, adapters and documentation that were included when you received it.

We will attempt to replace the defective item first before any refunds are given.

Warranty and tech support is not transferrable if you sell the unit.

If your photo booth arrives damaged, please immediately tell the shipping company and do not sign off on the delivery. After the photo booth is returned to our office, we will ship a replacement photo booth to you as soon as possible. All products are shipped in pristine condition when they leave our shop. If any individual components do not work, we will replace them as soon as possible.

In certain circumstances, and only under the Company’s discretion, Company will grant non-transferable credit to Client to use.

Resale Terms and Conditions

Booths that are resold to a third party purchaser will not hold a valid warranty, tech support. Nothing transfers over except the equipment and software. The software is assigned to the original purchaser’s email and will need to be reassigned to the new purchaser. Please contact the software support to have this done.

Price Variation

In view of the uncertainty of the future cost of manufacture and materials we are compelled to stipulate that notwithstanding any price quoted by us or stated in your order, the goods will be delivered at our prices current at the date of dispatch.

Online Training

The Company shall deliver the Photo Booth to the Customer along with the Company’s “quick start guide.”  The Customer may schedule an online training class by calling the Company’s tech support.  If the Customer wishes for the Company to install the Photo Booth and provide onsite training, the Customer will be responsible for the extra charge for such additional service. The fee for additional training and technical support is $80 per hour (minimum 1 hour).


The Company hereby grants to the Customer a limited, nonexclusive license (“License”) to use the software in connection with the sale of the Photo Booth.  During the warranty period, or for as long as the Customer purchases any maintenance support services from the Company, the Company shall provide the Customer any and all routine software changes and updates intended to provide general improvements to the performance of the Photo Booth.  The License shall commence upon delivery of the Photo Booth to the Customer and shall continue for as long as the Customer retains full legal right and title to operate the Photo Booth.


For a one (1) year period from the date of Acceptance (the “Warranty Period”), the Company warrants to the original Customer that the Photo Booth provided to the Customer pursuant to this Agreement shall be free from defects in material, manufacturing workmanship, and title, and that the Photo Booth will operate in conformity with the specifications listed in the operating manual and will operate as described in the operating manual (the “Warranty”).  Minor cosmetic imperfections that do not impair the functionality of the Photo Booth are a natural part of the wood  and are not covered in the Warranty.  All electronic components shall be subject to their own manufacturer’s warranty, and are not covered by the Company.  The foregoing Warranty on the Photo Booth is subject to the proper installation, operation and maintenance of the Photo Booth in accordance with the installation instructions and the operating manual supplied to the Customer.  The Warranty shall apply to any replacement part and the Company warrants that all service repairs shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the greater of (i) the balance of the Warranty Period or (ii) ninety (90) days after the date the repair is completed.  The Warranty does not include normal wear and tear on the Photo Booth, including paint chipping and denting.

To enable the Company to properly administer the Warranty, the Customer must make Warranty claims in writing within 30 days of the manifestation of a problem and shall (i) promptly notify the Company of any claim hereunder, and (ii) provide the Company with the opportunity to inspect and test parts claimed by the Customer to be defective.  Defective parts will be shipped by the Customer, at the Customer’s expense, to the Company promptly.  The Company’s sole obligation under the foregoing Warranty is, at the Company’s option, to repair, replace or correct any such defect that was present at the time of delivery.  An authorized Company service representative must conduct any repairs under this Warranty.

Excluded from the Warranty are problems due to accidents, misuse, misapplication, storage damage, including but not limited to, exposure to extreme heat (leaving the Photo Booth in direct sunlight for long periods of time), exposure to extreme cold, exposure to water or condensation, negligence, normal wear and tear, or modifications to the Photo Booth or its electronic components.

Any components failing due to faulty workmanship and/or defective material, fair wear and tear excepted, will be replaced or repaired free of charge, providing such failure occurs within a period of 12 months from the date of dispatch, and that the defective component is returned to our factory carriage paid. This warranty is automatically invalidated if the goods are dismantled and/or repaired without our express permission. We will not be responsible for goods returned without our consent having been first obtained in writing, whether defective or not. Such warranties are limited to replacement of parts of our manufacture and material only. No responsibility can be accepted for consequential loss, injury or damage due to failure of the apparatus, or for the cost of dismantling and/or re-arranging. All conditions and warranties implied by statute or otherwise are expressly excluded.