Frequently Asked Questions


Is the lighted PHOTOS sign part of the rental?

Yes, it is available with the Enclosed Booths.

What do you offer in terms of backdrops for the open style booths?

Included with packages A & B, we offer a big selection of backdrops by Drop it Modern.

Check them out here.  

What are the design options for photo strips?  

Click here to view our wedding graphics.  We are working to put together a page with our graphics for Mitzvahs, birthdays, anniversary parties, and holiday parties as well. 

What about idle time? Can we split the time of our rental? Ex: 4-6 PM, break, 7-10 PM.   

Yes, you can add idle time.  Pricing is $70/additional half hour & $125/additional hour

Is it possible to have the booth set up more than 2 hours in advance of the agreed upon start time?  

Our normal arrival time is 1.5 to 2 hours in advance of the start time. If you want to request that we arrive earlier than that, there may be an additional fee. Please email

Can the booth be moved once it's set up?  Can I have it outside for part of the time & then moved indoors?  

It depends on the venue and the time permitted. There is a $125 fee to move the booth once it's set up.  The move needs to be approved first and there must be enough time allotted in between moving the booth to start service up again.

If I rent until 9:00, but my event runs until 10:00, when will the booth be turned off?

The booth will be turned off and break down will begin at 9:00. It generally works best to have the photo booth scheduled to go until the end of an event. Please note that the booth will be turned off regardless of line or no line at that time.  Please respect our attendant's time and job schedule timeline.  Additional time can sometimes be added on the day of, please call Francisco to discuss.  

When will my gallery be ready to share?

Within one week of your event, at

I LOVE Dakota! I met him at a wedding and I'd love for him to work my event. Can I request him for my attendant?

You're welcome to make the request, but we can't promise that a specific attendant will be available to work your event.  Our entire team is full of really professional and fun photo booth attendants though!

Can I ask the attendant to run errands or do other jobs?

No, The Photo Booth Technician's job is to set up and operate the photo booth and assemble an album (if your package includes one).

What is your refund policy?

CANCELLATION. The deposit payment ($500) is nonrefundable. The balance is refundable if Union Booth receives a written cancelation more than 60 days prior to the event date.

Can we put props out at a specific time, so that we have photos of our guests as they are as well?

Sure! Just let us know.  Props can be placed out after cocktail hour, at a specific time, etc.  

Is Francisco's mustache real?

If it's not, it's a really good fake.

There's a picture of me in the galleries & I'd like it removed Can you do that?

No problem, just email the gallery name & the number of photo to  We will have the photo removed and send you a confirmation. Please allow up to 2 business days for that to happen.  We do our best to check through all of the photos for nudity and inappropriate photos, but everyone has their own opinion of what is appropriate!

I lost my thumb drive with all of my photo booth images.  Can I get another one sent to me?

Yes, for $30, if your photo booth gallery is still available, we can send you a new drive.  For $20, you can order a zip file of all of your images.  Please email to be sure that your gallery is still available.